Editorial Borard

Chief Editor
Anand Sharma, India

Publishing Editor
Manish Jha, India

Editorial Board Members
Dr. A.R.Jha, California, USA
Dr. S.K.Lenka, Orisha, INDIA
Dr. S.R.Biradar, Karnataka, INDIA
Dr. Shishir Sharma, Rajasthan, INDIA
Dr. Rajni Sharma, Rajasthan, INDIA
Dr. V.K.Agarwal, Rajasthan, INDIA
Dr. M.K.S.Chhangani, Rajasthan, INDIA
Dr. A.Maharshi, Rajasthan, INDIA

Open Access

Code of Ethics

The International Journal of Mathematics, Science, Technology and Management aspires to select and publish, through peer review, the highest quality research. In order to achieve this goal, the entire peer review and publication process should be thorough, objective and fair. Journal reputation depends heavily on the trust by all stakeholders in the fairness of the peer review and publication process. A formal code of ethics, outlining guidelines for good behavior and proposing solutions to ethical dilemmas facing Authors, Editors and Reviewers, can build stakeholder trust and improve journal reputation. It is a tribute to scholarly practice that the system works well and problems are comparatively rare. The publisher has a supporting, investing and nurturing role in the scholarly communication process and is also ultimately responsible for ensuring that best practices are followed.


The International Journal of Mathematics, Science, Technology and Management will be indexed and abstracted in major index / abstract provider.